What is Bizingah!?

Bizingah! is an online social coupon purchase site. We cater exclusively to promoting business services and products to help companies reduce their costs. Bizingah! also provides the opportunity to try previously unreachable products and services to enhance operational efficiency and ultimately realise increased revenue.

How is Bizingah! different?

We could simply tell you that we will get your business more customers but that’s too cliché...

Bizingah! brings value to local companies and professionals while helping businesses such as yours (that are focused on services and business related products) gain exposure, grow brand awareness and see immediate revenue.

What are some of the benefits to www.Bizingah.com?

  • Exposure to new markets (at no cost!)
  • Revitalize cash flow (pre-paid purchases)
  • Immediate sales revenue (payment made back to you for sales within 48 hours)
  • No minimum sales per deal (sell 1 or 1,000,000 – we’ll still ensure you are paid your share)
  • No upfront costs (customisation is available)
  • Increase awareness (each deal is available for 7 days)
  • If applicable, Bizingah! can help liquidate excess inventory (with margin!)
  • We produce a 30 second product review video for you that you can use for your own marketing indefinitely - AT NO COST!
  • You get the prestige of saying "as seen on Bizingah!"

Grow exposure to new businesses through daily email alerts and flash sales. Leverage marketing our unique marketing methods Gain exposure via social media and strategic partnerships.

Watch as subscribers share your deal and brand with their contacts, extending your reach into areas previously untapped.

So What’s the Twist??

Bizingah! is a business to business focused truly social coupon service. While we have no minimum quantities to unlock your deal, we cater to businesses and professionals while also ensuring that we give back to the community around us. A portion of our proceeds from each deal is donated to local charities and non profit organizations.

Have a unique solution? Want to win more accounts?

Don't wait until a certain amount of people buy into your deal, see the revenue growth instantly! We pay within 48 hours after the end of each deal (7 days) so you don't have to wait to see the impact to your bottom line, and we don't gorge your profit.

Join us and make your next potential corporate client go “Bizingah! What a deal”